Case Study

Public Health England

We plan and produce a wide range of public awareness campaigns across print and digital media, covering topics from flu to meningitis. Getting the right message to raise awareness among a large and varied audience can be a real balancing act.

Public Health England - Print, stand
Public Health England - Print, book
Public Health England - Print, book
Public Health England - Digital, poster
Public Health England - Digital, leaflet

I have received so much positive feedback about the work we’ve done this year, and all that you have done on our behalf.

Cherstyn Hurley, Public Health England

What a crack team of brilliant folks. I love the work that you do for our department, it is such a tremendously powerful portfolio and you bring charm, excellence, great design all with commendable interpersonal skills which are refreshing and reassuring.

Cherstyn Hurley, Immunisation publications manager, Public Health England

Public Health England - Print spread
Public Health England - Digital, tablet and Facebook ads

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